A Message to Potential New Members

Howdy, We are very exited that you are considering rushing. Joining Beta at Texas A&M is not a 4 year commitment, but a life long commitment. Brotherhood and fellowship are an essential part of our fraternity and we hope to show that to you during your time of rush. We take recruitment very seriously knowing that these are guys we will be life-long friends with. Please register for Texas A&M rush through the Greek-Rush app and check out our upcoming rush schedule. If you have any questions please reach out to our Recruitment Chairman, Jack McConnell

Jack McConnell

Phone: (817) 475-1204


Areas of Recruitment

Dallas/Fort Worth - Johnny Bargas (214-843-7890) 

San Antonio/ Boerne - Luke Sullivan (830-446-8002)

Houston - Walt Bruce (832-350-9258)

Austin - Gray Griffin (615-812-3293)

South Texas - Colton Nehaus (956-873-2785).