Chapter News


This Year we had our first DBM Fest Fraternity Cook-off to raise awareness for cyber bullying. We raised over $5000 for the David's Legacy Foundation. 

Mom's Weekend

This year's Mom's Weekend was our most successful to date. We raised $25,000 to start a renovation project a the lodge and got to spend a wonderful weekend with our mothers. 

Parents Weekend

We had a great weekend spent with family and friends. We started our weekend with a skeet shoot, tailgated together before watching the spring football game, and enjoyed dinner at the lodge. 

Tailgates/Social Events

This past semester, we had a great time at all of our social events. We enjoyed spending time together to watch the Aggie football games this past year and look forward to having a great year with new coach, Jimbo Fisher.

Lodge Renovation

We are currently working to renovate the lodge by adding a new lounge for actives to hang out, study, or play some pool.


Spending time with each other and making life-long friendships is what our fraternity is all about. We always look forward to spending more time with our brothers.


DBM Fest Raises Over $5,000

For our second annual DBM Fest, we held a fraternity barbecue cook-off at the Beta Lodge. Fiji, KA, SAE, Phi Delt, Delt, and Sigma Chi all joined us in helping raise awareness for cyber bullying. The cook-off was a huge success and we plan to continue to hold this event every spring. 

DBM stands for "Don't Bully Me" and are also the initials of David Bartlett Molak, the young brother of alumni Chris and Cliff Molak. After David took his own life in response to constant cyber bullying, our chapter is determined to help raise money for the David's Legacy Foundation in order to prevent this happening in the future. 

In our first year doing the fraternity cook-off, we raised over $5000 for the foundation. We want to thank all the fraternities who were involved and everyone who came out to support the cause. 

Mom's Weekend

Mom's Raise $25,000 to Help Renovate the Lodge

This year's Beta Mom's Weekend was a HUGE success! We started the weekend with a beautiful dinner at the new Geroge Hotel on Friday night. After eating lunch at The Chicken Oil Company on Saturday, we all gathered at the lodge for dinner, live music, and a silent auction. Thanks to the generosity of all our mothers, we were able to raise $25,000 for our lodge renovation project. 

Mom's weekend is always one of our favorite events of the year and this one was an absolutely great time. We look forward to many more Mom's weekends to come and thank everyone who came out this past semester. 

Lodge Renovation

New Lounge Being Added to the Lodge

With the money we raised from Mom's Weekend, we are renovating the sided room of the lodge into a new lounge for actives to enjoy. We will have stained floors, wood siding walls, furniture, a TV, and a pool table. 

This new lounge will give us more of a home feeling at the lodge and will give us a place to hang out and get away from our busy lives for a bit.

We currently have the floors stained and the wall paneling is being installed now. We will continue to post updates about the renovation as it is completed.

Parent's Weekend

Parent's Come to Town for a Great Time

This past semester's Parents Weekend was an incredible time! We held a skeet shoot on Saturday morning, a tailgate for the Spring Football Game in the afternoon, and a dinner at the lodge later in the evening. We had a great time spent with family and friends and we look forward to being home for the summer to spend time with our families. 


Jimbo Fisher Era Means More Tailgates

This past football season was full of great games and fun tailgates. Our Alumni tailgates are located in Spence Park across from Kyle Field. We had a great season spent with brothers, parents, and alumni. 

With a new era of Aggie football approaching, we are excited to see and spending time with our alumni and parents looking to come into town for a game. Some big home games this season include Clemson, LSU, and Ole Miss. If you have any questions about tailgate's please feel free to reach out to us. 

Social Events

Mardi-Gras, Formal, Chilifest

This past semester has been full of great time spent with brothers and friends. We held our annual Mardi Gras Party at the lodge and had a great time. We took our annual formal trip to New Orleans which is always a blast. Chilifest was again a great time, getting to enjoy great music and fight off the cold weather. 


Time Spent Together

Brotherhood is an essential part of our fraternity and we always are looking for time to spend with each other. This year has been full of great times and lasting memories. From playing basketball and dodgeball, to hanging out around athe fire pit, we always enjoy spending time with our chapter.